The world's first drum-type electro osmosis dehydrator commercialization and the world's 

No. 1 electro osmosis dehydration technology


CEO   Jeon Se-Jeong

Welcome to KWT's homepage !

We sincerely welcome all visitors to the website of Korea Water Technology Co. Aiming to become a small but strong global company, we strive for technological innovations based on our company's philosophy.

"Environmental technology should be completed on-site."

We believe that a perfect technology can be developed only when a theory is correctd by the field experience without any bias.

"Focus on becoming the No.1 in the world."

We are concentrating all our resources on the core technology and the core product, because small to medium size businesses cannot maintain their competence while trying to get other targets out of their specialty. We are overcoming the instability of our business by concentrating our resources on our key competences and so leading the world market with our technological competitiveness.

"Achieve the common prosperity by cooperation."

For the fields out of our attention, we respect leading companies and actively cooperate to create synergies with them.

Commercialized the world's first drum-type electro osmosis dehydrator and 

world's No. 1 company in electro osmosis dehydration technology.

CEO  : Jeon Se-Jeong 


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