The world's first drum-type electro osmosis dehydrator commercialization and the world's 

No. 1 electro osmosis dehydration technology


The capacity can be expanded step by step after installing, operating and experiencing a small unit first.
Our company is specialized in manufacturing dehydrators of sludge-cake and using electro-osmotic dehydration technology.
We manufacture products with special functions by combining sludge dewatering technology, electro-osmotic dehydration technology, drying technology, 
sludge handling and reforming technology, and energy related technology.
Key features

Sludge-cake Dehydration Dehydrator

KWT's Sludge-cake Dehydrator dehydrates sludge-cake (water content around 80%) and significantly reduces the weight of the cake by about 50% and achieves water content around 60%.

Water content around 80% -> Water content around 60%

(Dryness 20% → dryness 40%)

Weight reduction of the cake by 50%

Easiest sludge reduction solution

Sludge-cake Dehydration Dryer

KWT's Sludge-cake Dehydration Dryer quickly dehydrates and dries sludge-cake with water content 80% and achieves water content 20% or less.

Water content around 10~40%
The most compact sludge dryer

Modular type

Even after the installation of a small model, if required, the capacity 
could be expanded simply by adding more units side by side.

Commercialized the world's first drum-type electro osmosis dehydrator and 

world's No. 1 company in electro osmosis dehydration technology.

CEO  : Sejeong Jeon 


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