The world's first drum-type electro osmosis dehydrator commercialization and the world's 

No. 1 electro osmosis dehydration technology

Principles of electro-osmotic dehydration
Surface water and pore water are captured in the electro-magnetic field of dry solids. That's why mechanical solutions can't dehydrate them so a considerable amount of water remains in the cake even after the conventional dehydration.
Electro-Osmosis is an interfacial electrostatic phenomenon where water flows to one side when DC electricity is applied to both sides of a porous material containing water.

Because sludge-cake is a porous material, Electro-Osmosis can be used to dehydrate the surface water and the pore water which could not be removed by the mechanical dehydrators.
Electro-Osmosis dehydration technology is a combination of element technologies that induce Electro-Osmosis and optimize and maximize the dehydration effect.
KWT has completed a technology that can dehydrate sludge-cake to water content 60% or less by combining element technologies in a unique and optimal way through years of research and development.

Commercialized the world's first drum-type electro osmosis dehydrator and 

world's No. 1 company in electro osmosis dehydration technology.

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