The world's first drum-type electro osmosis dehydrator commercialization and the world's 

No. 1 electro osmosis dehydration technology


Features of KWT

There are many methods for implementing the electric dehydrator. KWT adopted the drum-type method which has the best advantages to our clients.
Advantages of the drum type

- Continuous operation and compact system (small space)
- Airtight structure, excellent for odor control
- Easy installatioin and operation

KWT has overcome all of these problems through a long period of field research applying electrochemical and mechanical engineering knowledge. KWT believes that technology must be developed and completed on-site and that technological innovation can be achieved only when we don't give it up halfway.
* The flat plate type requires huge space because it is a batch type 
  not designed for continuous operation.

* The belt (caterpillar) type has a structural demerit because it is unable to 
  apply pressure evenly.

Commercialized the world's first drum-type electro osmosis dehydrator and 

world's No. 1 company in electro osmosis dehydration technology.

CEO  : Jeon Se-Jeong 


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